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These pages explain more about the HERA scheme, the Framework Agreement, how the college is implementing HERA and how your branch of UNISON can help you.

HERA stands for Higher Education Role Analysis. It is a job evaluation scheme which has been specifically designed and created to evaluate all jobs in higher education. This is the scheme which Goldsmiths has chosen to use to review the pay and grading structure in the college. At the end of the evaluation members of staff will be transferred onto a new 51-point salary spine agreed nationally in 2005 as part of the National Framework Agreement.

National Framework Agreement documents

UNISON and the UCU have been in negotiations with Goldsmiths since 2005 on how the framework agreement is to be implemented in this College. Agreement was reached in March 2008, subject to acceptance by a ballot of the membership.

Full text of agreement

Background Information

Reasons for recommendation to vote yes
Timetable for implementation
Glossary of terms used

The HERA Scheme

HERA Background

Framework bulletins

Issue 1 | Issue 2 | Issue 3 | Issue 4

Pay Forum reports

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14th February 06
14th March 06
25th April 06
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13th September 06
10th October 06
14th November 06
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Pay Forum representatives:
Denise Miller denise.miller@gold.ac.uk
Suzanne Stead s.stead@gold.ac.uk


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